DSHS LogoFood Safety International is proud to say we are the ONLY Accredited Food Handler program approved and licensed by The Department of Sate Health Service to teach the Food Handler classes in a classroom setting for our hometown of Houston Texas! 

And our instructors are registered sanitarians! So make sure you are protecting your employees and your business by hiring a Licensed, Certified, Sanitarian to teach your employees because they deserve the best!

The Texas Department of State Health Services, Food Handler Program is dedicated to the health and safety of the citizens of the state, educating food service employees in the principles of food safety to produce safe food products for Texas consumers. 


It is the responsibility of the person in charge or the Certified Food Manager to ensure that all employees are properly trained in food safety as it relates to their assigned duties.

All food establishments that are permitted by a local jurisdiction have to obtain a 2 year food handler training certification.

A food handler card will be issued to each student that completes the class.

Food Handler Cards issued by FSI shall be recognized statewide by regulatory authorities as the valid proof of successful completion of a department accredited food handler education or training program. This was authorized under Texas Health and Safety Code §438.046.

All food handlers who contact ready-to-eat food must receive training in the risks associated with this procedure including proper handwashing as specified under §229.163(f), and when to wash their hands as specified under §229.163(h). The specific requirements are addressed in the Texas Food Establishment Rules, §229.164(e), Preventing contamination by employees.

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On-Site Classes

At FSI we understand the busy and demanding schedule of the food and beverage industry. This is why we developed our onsite classes. We bring the convenience of the Food Manger’s Certification, Food Handler Training, and Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) classes to your location for a minimum of 10 people per class.

Our office is based in Houston, Texas. We offer onsite classes to you at NO additional charge if you are within a 400 mile radius of our headquarters. However, because many of our clients have locations world wide and desire the same standardized training at each location, we provide onsite training world wide for additional travel fees based on your location.

Our Food Manager’s Certification class and Food Handler Training class issues a ‘ServSafe Certificate’ that is nationally recognized by all health regulatory agencies. We offer these classes in English and Spanish.

We look forward to serving you! Schedule your class today!

Send your request and questions to Cindyshinn@fsiglobal.net