FSI is a license Texas Alcoholic Commission training course. This server training course meets all the necessary state requirements for you to receive your TABC seller/server training certificate. We specialize in onsite classes for your employees. For a group of 10 or more we will come to your location and teach the class. Upon successful completion of the course and final exam, you will be given your certificate at the end of class. There is no waiting, no mailing, no delays!

Get your class together and let FSI come to your location at your convienace. Our 2 hour class is conducted in a way that ensure both managers and servers will remember the TABC principles and apply them to their daily routine.

You will receive training in responsible sale and service of alcoholic beverages. Material covered will include.

  • Sales to Intoxicated persons and Minors;
  • Facts about alcohol as a substance;
  • Recognizing illegal sales to intoxicated persons and minors;
  • Monitoring customer behavior and intervention techniques;

Available in English and Spanish


Each year in the United States, more than 40,000 babies are born with alcohol-related birth defects. There is not a cure for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). The only way we can prevent our children from suffering is “Don’t drink when you are pregnant”.


Acute Alcohol Poisoning Begins with the blood getting sticky like Molasses. Blood Vessels Clot and this interrupts flow of blood to the brain. With no blood and the oxygen it carries……. brain cells begin to die. With out emergency treatment the intoxicated person could die.


Health care costs, rehabilitation, police and judicial services, lost wages, insurance, lost productivity, and other direct economic costs amounted to about $45 billion.

The indirect costs of DWI crashes (pain, suffering, and diminished quality of life) tacked on an additional $134 billion.

Why so much? The Centers for Disease Control estimate that in the U.S. motorists were involved in about 123 million incidents involving alcohol-impaired driving.

Each alcohol-related injury averaged $20,000, each alcohol-related fatality cost society about $950,000, and each alcohol-related crash cost innocent victims about $36,000.

But the most sobering cost, of course, is the loss of human life.



Please send all class inquires to Cindyshinn@fsiglobal.net.


You must bring a valid Texas drivers license with a photo ID. You need your social security number or proof of workers permit for the United States. Each student must pass the TABC exam at the end of the class. We suggest you bring pen and paper to take notes. You can not use your notes during the test but we do give you a study period to go over your notes before the test.

Any employee working around Alcohol should take the class. It is the responibility of all partys, the Hostess, Waiter, Bus Person, Bartender, Manager, Cashier, everyone should know what signs to look for in a intoxicated person. It could save a life! Maybe your’s maybe mine!

Absolutely! Our instructors are bi-lingual and we will make sure you and your employee’s understand the class and it’s materials. The test is availlable in English and Spanish.

TABC allows you to take the test twice. If you do not pass it the first time you are allowed to take the test again right away. You can not leave and come back you must repeat the test immediately. If you do not pass the test the 2nd time you will need to shedule a time to take the class again.

Food Safety Inspection will except your company check or cash. We do not take personal checks, or credit cards.

The class is a 4 hour class. We spend 3 hours teaching the materials with 15 minutes breaks included. You have 1 hour for the test. The class can last longer than 3 hours it depends on the students, questions, ect… We want to make sure everyone understands and all question have been aswered before we hand out the test.

The certification is good for 2 years.

Food Safety Inpections can request that TABC reprint your certificate. TABC charges $10.00 for a reprint. Food Safety Inspection Services in Texas – Certified Food Manager Training Program

On-Site Classes

At FSI we understand the busy and demanding schedule of the food and beverage industry. This is why we developed our onsite classes. We bring the convenience of the Food Manger’s Certification, Food Handler Training, and Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) classes to your location for a minimum of 10 people per class.

Our office is based in Houston, Texas. We offer onsite classes to you at NO additional charge if you are within a 400 mile radius of our headquarters. However, because many of our clients have locations world wide and desire the same standardized training at each location, we provide onsite training world wide for additional travel fees based on your location.

Our Food Manager’s Certification class and Food Handler Training class issues a ‘ServSafe Certificate’ that is nationally recognized by all health regulatory agencies. We offer these classes in English and Spanish.

We look forward to serving you! Schedule your class today!

Send your request and questions to Cindyshinn@fsiglobal.net