According to the City of Houston if you are considering constructing, remodeling, or altering or taking over an existing food establishment for mobile food unit, you may be required to submit plans. You will be required to schedule a pre-operational inspection and purchase a food dealer’s permit or medallion prior to beginning operations.

1. Are Plans Required? Plans must be submitted for the following:

  • New construction of a food establishment.
  • Remodeling a space not previously a food establishment.
  • Remodeling involving a room addition, expansion into adjacent space, or removal/addition of walls or floor-mounted equipment
  • Remodeling involving changing the scope of food service. In most cases, whether plans are needed or not depend on the type of equipment to be installed.
  • Adding a new food preparation area

Plans are not generally required when:

  • Taking over an existing permitted food business without any of the modifications described above. However, you will need to pass a pre-opening inspection conducted by the regulatory agencies in your area.

It is our experience that most local agencies are extremely busy and scheduling your pre-opening could take weeks. Not passing this inspection the first time could cost you valuable time, and money. FSI will assign you a certified consultant to guide you through the inspection process. You don’t have to do it alone we will meet you and the reporting agency to ensure your pre-opening inspection is a success!
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